We Offer Services

Massage by ME has  a wide range of services. Please see a list of the different types of services we offer below. If you have any questions about which service is right to accomodate your needs, please feel free to give us a call. Our friendly, experienced staff can help guide you.

Therapeutic Massage

Our most popular massage for a total body experience ideal for overall health and wellness. Combines various techniques based on specific needs.

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Fast Track

This option is best for individuals who are limited on time and need a "quick fix" to get things moving in the right direction.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

This technique stimulates lymph flow in the body which means it is good for detoxification, swelling, pre/post plastic surgery and post-liposuction.

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Thai Fusion Mat Massage

Or “Thai Yoga Massage” is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

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Well-Balanced Four Handed Massage

Two therapists provide an excellent massage therapy experience simultaneously. If you have never had this, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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Structured Sole

Our version of Reflexology. Structured sole is ideal for individuals who are looking for overall health improvement and organ function.

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Add-Ons / Extras

Upgrade your experience with these add-on services: Hot stones, Cupping, Taping, and more!

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