me. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

me. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Recovery (Packages available, call/text for more info) 
– This Technique uses very light pressure to stimulate or increase lymph flow in the body that can become stagnant, in combination with myfascial techniques and tools to prevent and diminish signs of fibrosis. This treatment is good for general detoxification, swelling, pre/ post-surgery and trauma and conditions that cause Lymphedema. It can also help with cellulite, and scar tissue. For complete recovery for post surgical treatments, we recommend a series of sessions for preventative and postoperative rehabilitation. Optimal results are reached when combined with compression, exercise and diet over a period of time.


60 Minute Session: $99
30 Minute Session: $69


*Postoperative suggested weekly packages for maximum results:
(Week 1) 3 -60 Minute Sessions: $259
(Week 2) 3 -60 Minute Sessions: $259
(Week 3) 3- 30 Minute Sessions: $169
(Week 4) 3- 30 Minute Sessions: $169

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